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2024 Panel Discussion - Workforce Strategies

Challenges in workforce recruitment and retention is troubling our industry and it's going to take out of the box thinking and collaboration of industry to showcase the amazing career opportunities at our facilities.
Join us for a panel discussion, and Q&A with leaders who have created, executed and maintained successful workforce strategies. Meet our panelists below.

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Meet the Panelists

Fran Hanover.jfif
Fran Hanover, Economic Development Officer - City of North Bay

Fran, a member of The City of North Bay’s Economic Development Department since 2019, currently coordinates the Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) program. Most recently, Fran has managed a 2-year Human Resource Support Initiative designed to deliver customized human resource expertise to support workforce development and business growth. Through the program's array of activities and events, participating SMEs gained a comprehensive understanding of HR best practices through robust employer engagement, coaching, and training, thereby catalyzing economic growth and fostering sustainable development within the North Bay community.

Previously, Fran accumulated over 13 years of experience as a business development representative with a leading global logistics provider, equipping her with expertise in national and international trade processes, project coordination, and supply chain management. This experience enables Fran to collaborate effectively across all levels of the local economy, supporting small and medium-sized businesses in various sectors, and working with community partners to drive innovation, job growth, and global competitiveness.

In addition to her professional role in economic development, Fran is actively involved with various community organizations, both as an artist and board member, to support the promotion and development of the creative sector. She champions innovation, collaboration, outreach, and accessibility in the arts, contributing to North Bay's cultural vibrancy.

Fran is committed to advancing North Bay's sustainable economic growth by leveraging its natural resources, fostering entrepreneurship, and helping to cultivate a diverse economy that offers opportunities for all residents. Her dedication underscores a vision of inclusive economic development that enhances the quality of life in the community.

Anne Marie.jpg
Anne-Marie Cote-Wood, Human Resources Manager, Kruger Products

Anne-Marie was introduced to manufacturing as summer student at the end of high school.

Once she completed her post secondary program, she found her way back to manufacturing, developing her leadership skills, later completing her post grad in HR.

She gained experience working for many great leaders at PepsiCo Foods, Cascades, Lactalis Canada, Nestle, and now Kruger Products.


Anne-Marie loves to challenge the status quo, often asking why things are done a certain way. Her passion is encouraging leaders to challenge their teams to be more inclusive, more effective, and open to new ideas. Post Covid brought new challenges to work teams, encouraging us to rethink how we look at recruitment, giving Anne-Marie the excuse she needed to push leaders our of their comfort zone.

Bob Peters, Division Manager, Cornwall Economic Development
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Panel Moderator:
Alysha Dominico, CEO & Co-Founder of Tangible Words,
Alysha Dominico is CEO & Co-Founder of Tangible Words, a Growth Agency that has won awards for leadership of women, digital success and innovation, and for sales growth.
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