Break-Out Discussions

Join us and select one of five relevant industry topics and be led by an industry expert through meaningful discussion and the sharing of best practices. At each discussion you will hear about it's trends, receive expert advice and work in small groups discussing best practices.

Invite your team to join in on the many discussions available.

Diversifying Your Supply Chain
Moderator:  Hart Massie, BDC Advisory Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has unintentionally thrust the term ‘supply chain’ to top of mind of the average consumer. – With empty store shelves and a rush on toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, we quickly learned the exposures in the Canadian economy.  As we’re nearing the end of the pandemic, there are lingering issues that will continue impact the Canadian supply chain. – A shortage of labour, exposure to cyberattacks, all the while, companies in the supply chain will be investing in digital transformation, to hell abate their worker shortage, and become increasingly resilient. Please join us for this breakout session, as we would like to hear from you and how the supply chain has impacted your business.


Questions for the session:

Labour Shortage

  • Has the current labour shortage had an immediate impact the supply chain of your business?

    • How have you addressed this in the short term?

    • What are your long term plans to address this labour shortage?

  • If your supply chain is directly and internally impacted, what roles are you recruiting for the most?

    • For the candidates who are applying, do they have the right skill set?

    • Do you forsee a healthy pipeline of candidates with the right skill set?


Digital Transformation

  • How digital transformation have been impacting your supply chain internally and externally?

  • What areas have you invested in and what are your plans for tighter integration with your key suppliers?



  • Cybersecurity is becoming more critical as integration in supply chain enhances; how have you been affected and/or addressing these new patterns?

  • Have your suppliers or customers requested to see what steps you’ve taken to protect yourself from a cybersecurity attack?


About Hart:
Hart Massie is a Senior Client Partner, Advisory Services for BDC. He has spent over a decade

in strategy and business development roles. Prior to joining BDC, Hart was with Supply Chain Canada, a National Industry Association dedicated to Supply Chain Professionals.

During his tenure with Supply Chain Canada, Hart was an expert in the procurement and

sourcing of services.

Hart was instrumental in re-launched their services executive education program, grew their membership base in private and public sectors, and launched new thought leadership on topics including adoption of AI solutions, cybersecurity certifications, and integration of agile practices between business partners.

Hart is a keynote speaker on the future of third-party and outsourcing relationships. He’s had the opportunity to speak with audiences in Canada and internationally. 

Hart has his Masters of Business Administration from the University of British Columbia, and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.


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Managing Two-Workforces, Vaccinated & Non Vaccination
Moderator: Matthew Savino, Managing Partner, SHRP Limited

This session will be hosted by Matthew Savino of SHRP to help employers prepare for the significant developments anticipated in the weeks ahead as workplaces re-open. With vaccination rates

plateauing and a broader re-opening of the economy (and workplaces) still facing difficulties in

some sectors, now is a good time to prepare your workplace for the opportunities and challenges


This will be a “Q&A” format with an introduction.  Matthew will answer all of your questions, including:

  • Can you ask staff whether they intend to be (or have been) vaccinated?

  • Do you have the right to request that your staff get vaccinated before they return to work?

  • What is the current status of laid-off employees and those on “Covid interruptions”?

  • With workplaces re-opening can employees at home remain there?

  • Can employees refuse to return to work?


Key Session Outcomes

1. Workplace Vaccination Policy considerations.


2. Clarifying the status of Employees on leaves, layoffs and remote work assignments.


3. The future of IDEL (Infectious Disease Emergency Leave) and other government programs.


4. Effectively and safely managing your staff's return to work.


5. Understanding the parameters and considerations for workplace vaccination policies and protocols.


6. Gaining insight into workplace challenges and opportunities, post-pandemic.

About Matthew: 

Matthew Savino is the Managing Partner of SHRP Limited, a Consulting firm based in
Peterborough, Ontario, supporting the HR and organizational requirements of
small-to-medium enterprises.  He is also a Co-Founder of HRLive, an online
Software-as-a-Service company providing fully outsourced HR to a variety of organizations
across Ontario.

He has 20 years of progressive Business and Human Resources experience as a Director
and Vice-President of Human Resources, and holds degrees in Economics and Law as
well as certificates in Dispute Resolution & Med

Matthew is a member of the Human Resources Professionals Association and is recognized as a Certified Human Resources Executive. He is also a published author in the field of Performance Development and has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Financial Post, and HR Professional Magazine.

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Environmental Impacts & Sustainability

Moderator: Natalie Stephenson, Green Economy Canada

At this session, let's check out the business case for taking ambitious action towards
sustainability today.

Let's look at case studies of manufacturers that are doing the work now to be future-ready.

Join us for the discussion to share where you are on your sustainability journey, the
challenges you've faced along the way, and what kind of support you’d need to get started or
go farther. 

About Natalie

Natalie Stephenson is the Hub Coordinator for Green Economy Peterborough at GreenUP.
With an Honours BA in Environmental Resource Studies from Trent University, and she is
passionate about the intersections between social and environmental problems, and about finding solutions. 

Green Economy Peterborough is designed to support these local organizations. Members are guided and supported to measure their impact, make an action plan, and commit to public reduction targets. Beyond empowering businesses to progress through these milestones, the program encourages members to share best practices and lessons learned, explore emergent business opportunities related to the low-carbon economy, mentor others, and celebrate success.

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Predictive Maintenance 

Moderator: Allan Rienstra, SDT Ultrasound

Predictive Maintenance… Preventative Maintenance… Asset Management… Condition Monitoring… and that Elusive Culture of Reliability we want and need to empower our companies to reach their operational objectives.

Are they just buzz words? Flavours of the month? Or are they concepts for best practices that can be applied to a forward looking asset management strategy?

Hi, my name is Allan Rienstra and I am asking you these questions not because I know the answer, but because I want to invite you to join me on an exploration to find the answers together.

  • As someone responsible for assets, what does reliability mean to you?

  • Can you identify three things which threaten the reliability of your assets, and how to prevent them from shutting you down?

  • How has your approach to asset reliability changed in a COVID economy?

This is the inquiry I want to introduce to the manufacturing minds of Northumberland, Quinte, and Peterborough during the Tri-Association Virtual Manufacturing Conference on October 27th.  

About Allan

My name is Allan Rienstra, and I am the director of international business development for SDT, the World’s Favourite ultrasound company. In my career ultrasound is all I’ve ever done -- and after 30 years -- I imagine it’s all I ever will do. 
My love affair with the technology began in 1991, the first time I picked up an SDT150 and listened to the intake valves inside the Perkins diesel engine of my father’s Massey Ferguson tractor. The ensuing thirty years have been filled with wonder and discovery as application after application revealed themselves to me. 
Today, my unbridled passion for ultrasound is going through a transformation. I accept that my years of discovery are mostly behind me. Now I am putting my accumulated knowledge to work helping people get the most from a technology that creates safe workplaces, reduces unplanned downtime, eliminates waste, and helps create that elusive culture of reliability that we all want to achieve.


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Leading with Communication

Moderator: Cathy Ginsberg, Owner/Lead Trainer, People Focus Training

  • What are some of the leadership challenges that we can address with better communication?

    • Such as: high staff turnover, new generations in the workplace, increased diversity in the workplace

  • What impact has the pandemic had on communication and how can we move forward in the coming months?

    • Communications about new health & safety measures

    • Mental health concerns and communication

    • Using technology for remote communication - best practices we have found

  • What practical steps can leaders take to ensure effective communication, moving forward?


About Cathy
Cathy Ginsberg is a Career Growth Coach - helping others in their journey towards
growth, engagement and inspiration at work. This includes helping people who are
seeking new opportunities, wanting to climb the corporate ladder, or finding a new career
that aligns with their personal goals. She also helps managers bring greater growth and
engagement to their teams.


Through her company, People Focus Training, online coaching and training is available to
clients across Canada as well as in the US and the UK. 


Cathy’s background includes leadership in the nonprofit sector, and diverse experience
working in a variety of industries including manufacturing, publishing, consulting and training. She holds a BEd in Adult Education, and  is certified as a Executive Coach, Career Coach, and Facilitator for several assessment instruments that enhance personal and professional growth.

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