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Workshops & Tour

Join us and select two workshops or tours that resonate most with you.
One workshop or tour in the morning
One workshop or tour in the afternoon

Morning Workshops

What Employees Want: 5 Strategies for Driving Employee Engagement, Retention and Productivity

Presented by: Amy Davies, First30

In the early 2000s, when we talked about a tough job market, we meant that it was hard for people to find jobs. Now it seems any discussion about a tough job market centers around being an employer who is trying to attract and retain staff. During this talk, we’ll explore the reasons why attracting and retaining employees has become such a significant challenge for employers. We’ll also review strategies for reducing employee churn.

Participants will leave understanding:

o             The source of the current employment crisis

o             Approaches for becoming an in-demand employer

o             5 strategies for improving employee retention

o             How to implement these strategies


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Presented by: Kim Freeburn, The CFO Centre

  • Is your slow supply chain placing pressure on your cash flow?

  • Are you stuck managing your cash flow crisis with no end in sight?

  • Are you struggling with building the business relationships that will help you move forward?


Join Kim for a discussion on managing today’s cash crisis and gain strategies to help you move
from crisis to sustainability. KIM BIO

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Cash Flow in Crisis

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Kawartha Trade & Technology Centre & Centre for Advancement in Mechatronics and Industrial Internet of Things Tour 

Take a tour with us and see where the future trades generation trains and where important industry research is conducted.

The KTTC is home to full and part-time trades programs, apprenticeship programs, dual credit high school courses, and contract training. It also features our GDV Studio (Graphic Design), bright classrooms, and comfortable social and meeting spaces.


The centerpiece of the KTTC is the Skills Arena, a large, naturally lit space in which students from various trades programs learn together in an integrated setting. A three-storey structure within the Skills Arena, called the Kube, is itself an educational tool. The structure enables students to see and understand how different components and trades are related and interdependent during stages of a construction project.

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Afternoon Workshops - Interactive Sessions

_yber Se_urity is Not _omplete without the C’s (CEO, CFO, COO)

Presented by: Graeme Barrie, Netmechanics

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure ™ books from the 80’s?  This is exactly that, attendees will go on an adventure of their choosing.


This isn’t another cyber security session boring you with statistics, what ifs and stories of incidents hitting large global companies.  This fun and engaging workshop is for company executives, not the IT folks.  And just like the books, the path chosen will determine how well attendees run our fictitious company
through a cyber incident.

At the end of the session, attendees will walk away with key tactics on how to manage an
incident whether it be cyber, a natural disaster or a supply chain issue.


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Strategies for the Short term  – How to Build now for the Future

Panel Discussion with LYNXBMG
A Unique Period in Business & Growth - In the shadow of this awful epidemic, businesses do have a golden opportunity to really think about ‘the business’, management, operations, productivity, alliances, and every aspect perpetuating your company.  Looking back over the past 100 years of history, it is a prospect that has not particularly presented itself in the way we see it now.  Perhaps post WWII may be the exception invoking internal development and new growth initiatives.  In recent decades, some companies have been known to either close the doors in order to restructure and redefine themselves (which is an extreme measure because they cannot do what they needed to do in tandem with continuous productivity), or to sell off because the company’s evolutionary path hadn’t kept up with the changing world.  Well; it’s changing now and, what are you going to do differently going forward?

We're going to chat with local industry experts on

  • A golden opportunity to really think about ‘the business’.

  • Invoking internal development and new growth initiatives.

  • Hard look at the alliances, the Supply-Chain is Key.

  • Sourcing Strategies.

  • Sporadic Production challenges and consistent end product output.

  • Focus on developing a strategic plan suited to meet business and financial needs.

  • Think/act strategically and tactically for success.  Productivity is the machine of our economy.  If you cannot build and deliver, the rest is moot

Moderator, Brian Oliver 

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Meet the Panelists
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Kawartha Trade & Technology Centre & Centre for Advancement in Mechatronics and Industrial Internet of Things Tour - See information above under morning workshops

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