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Topic: Living with Resilience: the Art of Bouncing Back.

Why do some people bounce back from tragedy and others fall apart? How do you some people stay upbeat during tough times while others collapse? What makes one person thrive while another person barely survives in exactly the same circumstances?

These are all questions of resilience. That strength of spirit that lets you bounce back and those around you make a go of it, despite adversity. Resilience is a skill mindset that can be developed and shared. The key to resilience Is perspective. How you see the world, how you see yourself, how you see your colleagues/employees and how you see the three in relationship to one another, are critical considerations that make all the difference.

In both his keynote and in his workshop on resilience, Bill discusses such things as:
1. Self-talk and how it works for you or against you

2. Mirror neurons and the system in your brain that helps create relationships

3. Toxic and tonic people and how to know which is which and which you might be at any given point and their effect on your day-to-day reality,

4. How to feed your head and heart in ways that nurture resilience

5. The often-negative roll of media in our lives and how to improve our relationship with same

6. Modeling resilience and creating a Bounce Back culture

7. A question of perspectives and expectations

8. How all this and much more, plays into your particular resilience, and how to nurture and grow your BOUNCE.         

Like any skill once you understand the mechanics and assemble the tools and apply yourself you can become a master and hopefully share these tools with those around you to encompass a true resilient team.


2020 was a difficult year and this year looks every bit as challenging – never has resilience been more sorely needed.

Using wit and insight Bill will guide and uplift you with his newest keynote: Living with Resilience: the Art of Bouncing Back.   

Communication Expert | Award-Winning Humourist


For over twenty-five years, Bill Carr has been making people laugh at what’s trivial while helping them think deeply about what counts. His unique blend of humour and insight inspires laughter and helps people see their world with a fresh perspective. An award-winning writer, speaker, actor, and coach, Carr offers custom-tailored performances, keynotes, and workshops to deliver exactly what organizers need, no matter the event.


Carr’s career has seen him perform on stages across the country most notably in Nova Scotia at Neptune Theatre, Mermaid Theatre, and the Atlantic Theatre Festival. He has written and performed in numerous radio dramas and news programs for CBC and has appeared on countless television programs and several movies.


Carr can currently be seen as “Judge Campbell” in season 2 of Diggstown on CBC and has a principal role as Jack in the movie, Spinster, which premiered at the Whistler Film Festival in December 2019. He has previously played Lloyd Dallas in Neptune Theatre’s live production of Noises Off. In 2020, Carr began hosting a weekly radio segment on Rogers 97.5 FM in Halifax called “Shift For Brains”, which examines current affairs and news.

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