Harco Enterprises Ltd.

A Peterborough Ontario manufacturer who has built resilience and the ability to change quickly into their business strategies since 1964.
Join owner Terry as he takes us on his journey, sharing his best practises for what it takes to be resilient.

Harco is a family operation, manufacturing custom plastic items for the promotional, restaurant and nightclub industries. Harco is also a complete supply and assembly house of sanitary processing equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, and beverage processing industries.

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Research Casting International

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Join Innovator Peter May on a tour of his unique facility and see firsthand – outstanding workmanship, best practices and how pivoting is part of the every day at Recast.

Research Casting International are creators of mounted dinosaurs and other cast specimens; experts in the art and technology of preserving the past – one skeleton at a time.

Mounting priceless original fossil remains takes expertise and craftsmanship. After conservation and preparation, Recast expert blacksmiths and metal workers mount fossils using specialized armatures with clockwork precision.

Their Trenton, Ontario facility is the largest of its kind working with institutions and Museums and theme parks throughout the world, from Australia, to Japan, Dubai to North America. 

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