Cyber Security Workshop

Cybersecurity has dominated headlines around the world, impacting everything from presidential elections, to the delivery of electricity and the safety of medical devices.


Manufacturers offer a tempting target to cybercriminals, nation-states and thrill seekers. The theft of business intelligence, illegitimate access to employee accounts and ransomware attacks all pose significant financial and reputational risks to firms of all sizes.

These business risks continue to rise, as the ways in which we do business adapt with the times, through automation and digital transformation.

During this presentation Kassia Clifford, Director of Marketing, with Beauceron Security, will share insights about the global state of cybersecurity, providing examples of attacks against businesses around the world. Kassia will discuss strategies and concrete measures, in order to reduce cyber risk, while complying with industry best practices.

Kassia Clifford is Beauceron Security’s Director of Marketing and has 15 years’ experience developing
teams, creating roadmaps and leveraging technology to influence sales and service strategies. She has
served as a mentor with Women in Communication and Technology, National Capital Region and is a
founding committee member of Women Moving Forward Conference, Ottawa. Kassia lives and breathes
with an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys supporting small-medium business owners as they scale their
operations to meet their vision.








Beauceron Security

Beauceron Security delivers effective, efficient and engaging cybersecurity training across Canada and in 39 countries around the world. Their platform as a service is fast, secure and easy to deploy, providing actionable metrics for executives and an ability to customize content to meet corporate culture. Beauceron is proud to offer a Canadian made platform that allows clients to monitor, manage and identify security gaps while working to increase awareness and reduce cyber risks.

Attendees unable to take part in this session or interested in learning additional, practical steps to reduce cyber risk, will be invited to a virtual workshop, tailored to Canadian Manufacturers, post event.

Sharing insights from a 19,000-person aggregate data set, created by Beauceron, about end-user security awareness, attendees will be provided with benchmarking comparisons as well as key action items to bring back to their firms and their families.

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