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A Mobile Workforce, Infrastructure & Security

As manufacturers, we never thought having a portion of our workforce working from home and mobile would be successful, but for most it was. As we move forward into a ‘new norm’, can a mobile workforce be sustainable? What type of infrastructure is needed? What type of security is required protect the company and our people? The answers to these questions and more will be addressed by our presenter.

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 Presenter: Nick Powers, Manager, City of Peteborough


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How can leaders create problems solvers?


By creating outcome-based leadership cultures where employee empowerment and trust are paramount in our workforces, we will create teams of productive problem solvers. As well, we will strengthen our ability to recruit and retain the best talent and increase diversity on our teams.


Attend this session to hear how Siemens is accomplishing this.



Ian Almond

Valerie McQueen, Head of Operational Excellence Siemens Process Instruments – Peterborough, ON

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Building a Resilient Safety Culture

Manufacturers’ number one priority is the safety of their people and while we can quickly react in crisis and emergencies, what does it takes to build a resilient health and safety culture?  What resources, people and vision does it take to be proactive to ensure stability in health safety and the environment during unprecedented times? Participate in this session to hear from WEIR ESCO about their work in keeping a resilient safety culture within their organization.




                               Presenter: Chris Wadsworth, Divisional Director of Safety Health Environment, WEIR, ESCO

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In Conversation with Charlotte Products & BDC,  A Journey Through Supply Chain Disruption”

One of the major lessons Canadian manufacturers have learned through times of crisis is that their supply chain is a key component to being resilient and weathering the storm. And what if you’re prepared?

Sit with Charlotte Products' CEO, Matt Strano, COO, Asquith Williams and Terri Mann, VP Toronto Central & East of BDC for a chat about how one Canadian company evolved their supply chain. Learn what strategies were used in inventory control, the need of people and the scheduling of distribution. Get answers to: what partnerships were key to the success, how did time effect the outcome and what can we do in the near future to ensure Canadian manufacturers continue with strong supply chain management.

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